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How to Make a Flipbook in 5 Easy Steps – Great! – Start Now!

Flipbooks are developed and used in two distinguished ways: one as a series of illustrations that come to life upon flipping the pages; and two as a highly marketable design for websites that simulate printed page-turning material. After trying many different publishing platforms, YUMPU Publishing came my way. Their style and page speed is absolutely mindblowing. Click here and get your FREE flipbook at YUMPU Publishing. We’re going to cover the latter as it is a popular element in digital publishing and an awesome way to deliver quality content. Without further ado, let’s dive into this easy-to-follow five-step guide on how to make a flipbook.

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How to make a Flipbook – Find a Platform to make a flip book

Find a text editing program you’re comfortable using like Microsoft Word, Wordpad, or LibreOffice Writer. You can also use the handy Google Docs which automatically saves your work as you go and offers options like making a new PDF, PowerPoint, or make regular word documents.

Ultimately you make your paper content end up in the PDF format as most of the digital flipbook making services use a PDF to flipbook conversion process. In most word editors, PowerPoint, and Google Docs you can save and create a document with the .pdf extension. If you’re having a creative block using a text editor or PowerPoint, try to make a flipbook design platform like FlipHTML5 where you can choose from pre-made templates and then further customize the look to suit your needs for your flip book.

Create / Make Content for your Flip Book


Sounds simple enough, right? This is perhaps the single most important step in the whole flipbook-making process. The content you create/make will be the foundation of your flipbook magazine – all the bells and whistles you add to enrich the information are just that, bells and whistles.

They cannot survive on their own. Take time to identify exactly what message you want to make delivering your flip book, who you are delivering it to and why you want to deliver it. Hammering out the finer details of your flip book idea will help you create/make more focused and relevant content – which will garner more attention from your flip book readers and support your ranking with Google. The best and fastest way to get this done is by far YUMPU Publishing. Start now and publish your flipbook for free with one click at YUMPU Publishing!

Multimedia Support for your Flip Book


Of course, if you write 10,000 words about how fantastic your products are and why people can’t live without them you’re off to a good start – but what about backing up your argument in your flip book with supporting links, a video, and images?

One huge benefit of using a flipbook page flip magazine is the ability to incorporate dynamic video features with your content. Just remember to keep it tactful because too many distractions can do you harm.

So, no background music playing when you also have youtube videos embedded in your flip book – that sort of thing. Also, utilize the call to action best practices to increase lead conversions and link to your social media platforms so people can follow you and your business.

Conversion to Flipbook

Now that you have the bulk of your content created it’s time to turn it into a usable flipbook pages format. There are a lot of services available online that provide free PDF to flipbook conversions and just as many web designers who would be happy to completely customize your project for a nominal fee.

Some companies offer a minimal free flipbook page conversion service and then a more comprehensive service for a fee. A couple of the recommended businesses are Fliphtml5, FlippingBook and Uberflip. Note that these flip book services only produce flipbooks that are designed with HTML5 Flipbook and flipbook jQuery not flash, this is certainly one of the prerequisites before choosing a company to work with.

Share Your Digital Flipbook – make it happen!


Depending on what service you chose to use (paid or free) you will have features available to you to help disseminate your new flipbook. Some companies offer marketing opportunities as part of their design packages – and others keep it straightforward and simple.

If you’re left to your own devices for marketing your digital flipbook go ahead and share the link on social media, embed the flipbook page in an upcoming newsletter, and add it to your website to start reaping the benefits.

Make sure you either add Google analytics or ask your designer to do so to keep track of your growing stats!

Power and Convenience at No Charge

Let’s look at some of the great benefits provided by using the Flipbook Creator, a PDF to flip book software:

1. 100% free. Really. Zip. Nada. Zilch.
2. Create your own magazines and other publications in minutes.
3. Readers love the ease of use.
4. Your magazine supports all mobile and desktop devices.
5. Personalize your logo, background, color scheme, and more.
6. Attract new readers through this platform.
7. Embed audio, video, and other multimedia.
8. Take advantage of full social media integration, including Twitter and Facebook.

Reaching a new audience is perhaps what impressed me most about this flipbook software. Other baseball fans who had never heard of me before saw my magazine on the virtual magazine stand, took a chance, and then subscribed. This works well with social media integration as well. Baseball fans, for instance, tend to be networked with like-minded individuals. Another big plus has been the return on investment. My magazine caters to a niche audience and was always a break-even proposition at best, but this has been an ROI booster that has let me expand my budget for multimedia and content.

Learn How to Create Amazing Magazines with Ease

Let’s get started with a magazine you already have in PDF format:

1. Navigate to the website and create a free account.
2. Locate the large white box on the homepage that reads “Optimize your PDF…”
3. Drag and drop a file on it, or click “Select PDF” to choose one from your computer.
4. The conversion process will take a minute or two depending on the size.

Once you’ve used the PDF to flip book converter, let’s get more out of your magazine:

• Embed your magazine on your website or blog.
• Embed it on Facebook and announce it on Twitter.
• Create a secure link to send to email subscribers.
• Update your magazine after publication.
• Set publish and cancellation dates.
• Track analytics.
• Seek help from an amazing customer support team.

The service does have a limitation of 2,500 pages and 600 MB per document uploaded. Since even the largest, most popular publications rarely reach these limits, this is less a restriction and more a way to ensure that no one abuses the service. Even if this is a limitation for you, you can spread the magazine out over two or more uploads have a part one, part two, and so forth.

Final Thoughts


The Flipbook Creator has been so great for my magazine that I eventually upgraded from a free account to a paid one. That lets me remove the advertising that otherwise pays for this PDF to flip book converter.

Everything else I needed was already free, and I’d recommend this service to anyone.

The site even allows automatic syncing with cloud-based services like Dropbox, which helps me have more free time.

When I’m done writing my content for the month, I’m done and don’t have to hassle over technical issues. Well, that’s it. Thanks for reading, and I hope you try it on a small PDF today and enjoy the service for a long time as much as I have.


The Flipbook Creator free or online catalog creator is contrary to the old saw, “Do you want this fast or good?” This catalog maker gives excellent speed for internet publication and flipping books. In today’s marketplace discovering a product so efficient, that is also free is becoming rarer with each new innovation developed in the field. It was truly a career acceleration for me when I first went out on my own in the business of designing e-publications. My work is now viewed and used by millions of customers who first accessed my online graphic design shop through internet publications. Get this FREE service now by visiting YUMPU Publishing.

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