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Flip book Publishing is Great, Simple and Fast!

How would you like to create rich multimedia magazines from a simple PDF that your readers can enjoy across a wide array of mobile and other devices?  My readers could no longer read my baseball forecast publication in a manner that was convenient and enjoyable, and while I did try a series of different flip book software, they were all too slow or lacked the features I needed. That was until I found a powerful, intuitive, and cost-free flip book software YUMPU Publishing with all the bells and whistles. By true definition, a flip book is a series of illustrations with slight variations from a page-to-page flip. When these pages are “flipped” through they create the illusion that the flat interactive image is animated. You may have played with or even did create one of these flipbooks as a kid. The same principle applies in the day of digital publishing publications – it’s just tweaked a little bit and used as part of a content marketing strategy by companies around the world. Imagine you opened an email from your boss today that had a lengthy PDF attachment. The PDF page document includes features and every last detail about how to use the new content management system the company is rolling out next month. You are already miserable thinking about having to read through this thing. Isn’t there another way – a more engaging way – to present mundane information? Yep, and it’s called a flip book magazine.

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Transform Your Message

Let’s take that boring PDF page from your boss. Create a whole new display of the same information. By using computer languages like flipbook HTML5, CSS3, and flipbook jQuery we can transform dull data into a dynamic presentation that simulates printed material.

A flip book allows users to navigate comfortably by using intuitive functions like arrows to literally flip the page to continue reading. This kind of flexibility is crucial for lengthy documents to be consumed easily on mobile devices.

The best part?

Responsiveness isn’t the only thing flip books offer. Creating a flipping flipbook provides the richest multimedia experience you can give your audience. An embed video to further demonstrate your point.  Add a soundtrack to pull on heartstrings or integrate a clickable call-to-action right in the midst of your text into your digital publications.

A flip book design can also replicate your brand’s look and feel to provide a uniform environment to share your pdf page flip documents.

How to Make a Flip Book

Like anything, there are several ways your can approach designing your new custom flip book with easy software. It just depends on how quickly you want it done and how much money you want to shell out. A quick Google search will bring up a dozen different free PDF flipbook software businesses that offer free flip book page-turning creation. Now the question is, which one and why? A few things to consider before choosing a free service.

First, make sure the free flip book page is designed using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery – not flash. Flash is cumbersome, outdated, and presents security risks. Next, consider how jazzed up you want your free flip book page to be.

Who Should Use Flipbooks?

Digital magazine publishers, e-book creators, and marketing wizards can utilize flip books to publish their publications with many features. Product catalogs are also commonly found in page-flipping flip book form as a digital flipping book and catalog can increase accessibility to your company without losing the familiarity of a printed piece.

Another group of people that find the flip book environment particularly useful are comic creators, artists, and illustrators. What better way to present your work than create an interactive portfolio?

Instead of fighting with formatting in a word document or PDF  publications to display images to send to potential clients use a flip book to organize your content pages and then share it easily with everyone via a link.

Whether you are a non-profit in need of an inspiring magazine, flipping book, or brochure to garner support for your cause, or a fortune 500 company delivering a data-ridden annual financial report – using this tool will undoubtedly please your audience and eliminate your headache.

That's not all…

Some free software companies provide only basic services while others will customize every pixel. Lastly, think about how quickly you want your project done. If you are looking for something to embed on your website today – then go ahead and upload a PDF to one of the PDF conversion sites and get started.

If you’re looking for a smart marketing approach to enhance your conversion rates then consider hiring a web designer to customize code and employ inbound marketing tactics.

Flip books modernize your content, represent your brand in a professional way and provide an environment for your content with special features to put on its Sunday best. Regardless of how big or how small your project is digital flipbook software will handle it with grace and your readers will applaud you for keeping them in mind.

Turning My Headaches into Smiles and New Readers

I’m a mathematician. The publication isn’t my strong suit. Nevertheless, I’ve written a newsletter about statistics that many baseball fans subscribe to. Over the years, that newsletter grew into a magazine, which I distributed via PDF. PDF was a great solution for a long time, but that ended when most of my readers were reading it on their tablets and smartphones. Manual conversions were a hassle and I was losing readers, which is when I began searching for a PDF to flip book software. There were other similar magazines with less content and less unique content, but they were doing better now due to the way they distributed them. At one point, I really thought it was the end. I simply didn’t have the time or the resources for advanced publishing, but then I found YUMPU Publishing, and it saved my bacon. Not only was it fast and free, but it also had all the features I needed and supported all devices without any hassle for me.

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