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Digital Flipbook software with 5 helpful Benefits for You

I’ve tried a lot of different ways to create digital publications online – various online platforms, apps, and also software. None of these programs could meet all my needs. However, everything changed when I found the free flipbook maker of YUMPU Publishing. There was a time when the word “flipbook” referred to a series of hand-drawn illustrations which when flipped would give the illusion of movement. So when did the term digital flipbook become synonymous with digital content? In the throes of the content-is-king strategic marketing movement, we began to see content take unique forms like infographics, webinars, and flipbooks, straying away from the standard text articles. Incorporating innovative options like these into a marketing plan ensures eliminating the mundane, ushering in the exciting, and further engaging the audience. Who benefits from using a digital flip book in their content marketing strategy? If done right – everyone. But for the sake of narrowing it down, here are some professionals who probably could benefit the most.

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Digital Flipbook for Artists/Designers

Artists too have seen a shift in their audience’s behavior and they have had to adapt different methods of showcasing their art. Comics, photographers, painters, and web designers cover just a pinch of the artistically inclined professionals who could benefit from make a flipbook online to use as a portfolio. Think of all your best work accessible to future clients on one web page and no fussy plugins to download for viewing. Think about how many other artists have websites and use the standard portfolio layout to show off their work – get creative and stand out from your peers.

Restaurant and Cafe Owners


You’re busy, right? Probably so totally overwhelmed with running your business that the idea of blogging or making videos to keep up with the content king agenda is out of the question.

You want to draw more people into your website to increase the visibility of your brand but finding the right way is challenging.

Try turning your online menu into a flipbook.

Add scrumptious pictures of the menu items, include information about your restaurants like directions and hours, and include a clip about who you are, nothing too detailed, but just enough that customers feel connected to you – and your food.

As potential customer browses your menu online they will remember you more than the other places they are considering. A digital PDF flip book can offer a timeless and unique piece of content to your website for viewers to drool over.

Retail Business Owners

As a retail business owner, you need a concise way to advertise all of the products you have to offer. Maybe you’re a small clothing boutique or an office supply store, both of which would benefit from having a catalog to disseminate to future and existing customers.

report digital_flipbook

Even if you have a small product line that doesn’t seem to warrant its own catalog, you may have brochures that serve to advertise your line of goods. Production costs aren’t exactly cheap for printing and mailing this kind of material to everyone on your contact list can be cumbersome. That’s why considering a digital page flip book could save you time, money, and effort.

Transform your catalog into a realistic page flipping interactive book punctuated with call-to-action buttons that drive your traffic and profits up. Or make a short but inspiring brochure PDF flipbook page that has real testimonials from real people – right next to the get one now CTA. Show your customers that you’re on the cutting edge and want to make their lives easier, too.


As a realtor, your main goal is to represent a house to the best of its ability in an effort to drive traffic to view it and ultimately to complete the sale. A huge part of this process is the first impression future buyers get when they visit the landing page for the home they’re interested in. If the pictures don’t look appealing, or the information is lacking important details, chances are they will move on.


Now imagine you decided to use a PDF page flip book to present the house to home seekers.

People could click on the house and be brought to a page with an embedded container (the page flipping book) that would exhibit clear photos, detailed information, virtual tours, and ways to get in touch with the realtor right then and there, all they have to do is flip the virtual page.

Not only are the potential clients making a huge life decision when buying a house, but they are also putting their trust in a stranger to help them see it through. Use this opportunity to not only sell the house – but to sell you. You can design a quick intro, add some music and personalize the journey for them. Engaging emotions is a great way to convert leads.

PDF Magazine Publishers

This may seem obvious as a PDF flip book pretty much is a digital flipbook but a lot of PDF magazine publishers have yet to utilize the tool that was essentially made for them. Sure, there are plenty of PDF magazines online these days, but how many of them simulate their printed siblings? The attraction of a magazine is often the high-gloss, brightly colored, and niche-specific concentration of information – and PDF flipbooks do nothing but enhance the natural allure.

Now your readers can renew their subscription without leaving the page, be directly linked to sponsor’s websites, or watch a video on a product before purchasing. You can also embed “buy now” options or downloadable coupons to keep readers happy.

You may be thinking, well, I can do all of this on my website without a PDF flip book – and you’d be right. However, giving the reader easy control over the navigation by flipping the page and having everything at their disposal in one place will lead to more impulse buys and social media attention. Even passwords protect the entire flipbook online for subscribers only to create scarcity.

Creative Content

creative content dgigtal_flipbook

Digital flipbooks are transforming the way businesses disseminate information. Marketing efforts are not complete without at least considering the use of a modern-day flip book to draw your audience in. If you’re feeling extra creative, draw out the traditional style PDF flip book page and then digitize with this software to get your message across in an even more intimate way. It`s a simple and elegant way to publish your content and reach millions of readers with YUMPU Publishing.

I’m Delighted that I Chose This Software For Publishing My Digital Flip Book

I read several interactive flipbook software reviews, but most of the possibilities seemed too involved or unrealistic. My goal was to find software that I could use easily and that would not take up a lot of my time.

After further research beyond the available digital flipbook software reviews, I found a solution called YUMPU Publishing. For me, it works great, and I think it is an exceptional tool for any blogger. Now, I am on a mission to share this wonderful publishing platform and make it easier for others to discover.

Get Started for Free, and Keep Going for Free, if You Like

You are likely familiar with the concept of offering a user a free account that does not do much. This wonderful site is different. It allows you a free account with plenty of value.

YUMPU – A great tool for publishers

Can you publish an outstanding digital flipbook through this site? You can! I have done it! For several months, I did it for free, and the output always looked fabulous!

Personally, I decided to upgrade my account. In a sense, I wanted to thank the people who maintain this fine service for their hard work. I also wanted to add features to my account’s powerful interactive magazine platform.

The Features Of This Software

In keeping with other digital flipbook software reviews, I want to detail this platform’s features. Let’s begin with the free ones.

Every account includes:

  • Unlimited publishing of digital magazines

  • Unlimited pages

  • Guaranteed cloud hosting

  • Two-minute publication

  • Automatic SEO

  • Social-network sharing optimization

  • Access to the millions of potential readers in the site’s audience

  • Drag-and-drop capabilities for adding media to your interactive magazine

  • Seamless linking

  • Optimization for every screen size

  • Tools for creating videos to advertise your magazine

The company also employs the latest in responsive design in its platform. As a result, my digital flipbook looks good on any device, and yours will, too.

Everything I’ve just detailed is available for free due to ads that the company will place in your digital magazines. To remove those ads and gain superb account features, you can opt into one of the site’s subscription services.

For 24,95 dollars per month (monthly payment) or 19,95 dollars per month (yearly payment), the brand’s AdFree subscription will allow you to provide a digital flipbook to your readers without showing them any advertisements. It also adds Google Analytics capabilities to your account, so you can track your readers’ magazine-reading habits.

Alternatively, for $95 per month, you can choose the platform’s WebKiosk package. Similar to a real-world magazine kiosk, WebKiosk will display all of your digital magazines within an easy-to-use interface. With this tool, your readers can conveniently access any edition’s content by clicking on its cover.

Video – How to create your first WEBKiosk

The WebKiosk comes with 30-day trials, so you can fully evaluate this plan. The company allows you to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.

In my research of digital flipbook reviews, I found that many did not give enough details about the tools they covered. To provide as much value as possible, I want to relay that this publishing-tool provider also offers professional packages that deliver further value. While those do not include 30-day trials, they do provide excellent features.

mobile market

For $219 monthly, AppKiosk will enable you to extend your readership. This package allows your digital magazines to be presented to readers via an iOS app. With the continued growth of the mobile-device market, I felt AppKiosk was the right package for me.

As my blog continues to prosper, I will likely upgrade to ProKiosk. This is the platform’s premium package which costs $339 per month. It adds subscription management and eCommerce functionality to the mix.

Digital flip book program reviews would do well to say more about products’ longevity.

I submit that you can rely on this tool’s availability in the coming years.

That comment may sound like one you would expect to find in most interactive magazine software reviews, but please note that I have not included an affiliate link. I base my opinion on the fact that publishers in countries all over the globe have used this outstanding website’s tools to create more than 36 million magazines.

I Hope I’ve Shortened Your Search for a Digital Magazine Platform

I may have burned more time than I would have liked in my own search through digital flipbook software reviews. Still, I found YUMPU Publishing, and it has changed my publishing life. Obviously, I am thrilled with the convenience and output of this great service, and I recommend it to any blogger who wants to turn his or her content into an interactive magazine.

Hopefully, you will agree that I’ve achieved my goal of adding to the good digital catalog software reviews on the Web. You can easily find out if this publishing service is right for you by visiting YUMPU Publishing`s website.

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