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Make a Flipbook Online And Find The Best Service for You! [Fast]

Web design takes a certain type of person. Specifically, someone with a keen eye for color and the patience to map out layouts coupled with a knack for coding geekdom. Luckily, that person doesn’t have to be you. There is a service available online called YUMPU Publishing which will take your content and convert it into an eye-popping, lead-converting flipbook in a matter of minutes – or allow you to make a flipbook from scratch without knowing a line of code. Click here, sign up and get in touch with YUMPU Publishing!

Make a Flipbook Online NOW!

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Make a Flipbook digital Like Magic

No matter what kind of publisher you are: blogger, traditional magazine, educational institution, local newspaper, and so many others, if you are providing content to an audience eager to consume your information, then online magazine publishing could be the wave to your business future.

So why are you waiting to make a flipbook?

Improve the user experience

There are several reasons to consider bringing your online content efforts to this wonderful new format. First and foremost is user experience.

As a blogger, you may start to notice how one-dimensional most blogs are, even in this two and three-dimensional world! That’s how I felt after reviewing blogs in my own industry. I was about to launch a new website in a popular niche crowded with blogs, video blogs, and image-heavy web pages.

Make a Flipbook on the tablet

What I discovered is that although there were great information and site designs on many of the blogs I visited, it still seemed sort of flat to me. In a sea of sameness, everything was, well, sort of the same.

As with any business, both large and small, the challenge is to stand out in a manner that your ideal customer will not only find you but be so excited about what they find when they get to your site they will be eager to share it with their friends.

So I asked myself: What do people like to share? How can I make what I have ooze with a share-ability factor that would entice people to hit that social media “share” button?

It`s Easy to make a flipbook

PDF documents are great. In fact, I had some great PDF files already designed which I had used for eBooks. Still, you have to scroll down, page after page, once again giving the document a one-dimensional feel. And converting a pdf to a digital magazine seems difficult when you don’t know the code.

I had tried other magazine and book formatting tools, but they were cumbersome and glitchy. I was not happy with the time I was spending on their platforms in the design phase. It was clear that there was a better way to publish online.

What if I could easily make a flipbook?

Make a Flipbook and see it on the tablet

Imagine giving your readers the magazine experience they are used to, including turning pages, two-page photo spreads, and the anticipation of features and numbered issues.

Then, take what they are used to in the offline world and add in a real-time, on-demand layer of interactivity such as watching videos, taking surveys, listening to the audio, clicking through to links related to the articles and photos within your magazine, and so much more.

What if you could provide a page-turning, left-to-right reading experience that has a built-in “wow” factor?

When you add a digital magazine to the crowded online business world you set yourself above and beyond the noise of your competition. Rather than being a “blogger”, you are a publisher of a magazine…an online magazine.

Consider that many of the major print magazines have already seen the potential share-ability and social reach of an online version of their magazine and have made the leap into the online world. And, as a result, have saved millions!

Same business plan; different medium.

But, you may protest, I’m not a major magazine publication! I don’t have the budget or a large staff to set up editorial calendars, design layouts, or invest in technical gizmos and gadgets to put my valuable content online. I’m not a coder. I don’t know how to convert a pdf to an online magazine.

Well, here is where you are in luck.

In my own search for an online solution for my vast library of digital content, I tested the best publication platforms for you.

Let`s start…

1. FlipHTML5

A few dozen big-name companies like Apple, H&M, Estee Lauder, Chanel, and Starbucks use FlipHTML5 to design their new catalogs, brochures, and galleries with page-flipping effects.


FlipHTML5 uses – you guessed it – HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery flipbook instead of Adobe Flash; it’s responsive and cross-browser compatible; PDFs can be converted easily into flipbooks with one click and there are themes available to enhance the design process in the feature-rich editor.


The software is downloaded easily to the computer so you have it wherever you go, and it’s free. You can make a native app for Android so your readers can access your content offline and the platform supports 17 languages. There are e-commerce solutions to help you sell your content and a command line to fully customize the experience should you be into that kind of thing.


Hosting is also available on the Flipbook HTML5 cloud and marketing services are optional to help spread the word about your new content.


You cannot change features in bulk (add a custom logo to each and create a flip book at once) and action words like “double click to zoom” are not translatable into any other language but English.

The Cost: Free for basic features, charged monthly, or a one-time fee of $999 for the permanent enterprise version

2. YUMPU Publishing

This is quite an innovative digital publishing solutions provider that lets you convert your PDF files into amazing flipbooks online. One of the main advantages, compared to the other sites, is that this platform is targeted at professionals as well as individuals who are not that tech-savvy. They have an easy-to-use interface that is quite self-explanatory. Creating interactive publications is extremely easy and, to top it all off, it’s FREE!

With more than 20 million publications, the Flipbook Creator YUMPU Publishing is a highly popular platform. All the core features are free of charge. Of course, there are paid options available but users that just get started with digital publishing do not even need a paid plan (that’s the best thing about it).


Contrary to other publishing sites, people can create an unlimited number of magazines and magazine pages without having to pay any monthly fee. Moreover, publishers have the possibility to add multimedia elements (like video and audio files) to their magazines. Once completed, these digital magazines can be shared easily on social media platforms or can be embedded into a website or blog with a simple embed code.


There are two main points that set YUMPU Publishing apart from other publishing sites. Firstly, the company automatically submits all the published content to search engines. This helps publishers to gain a lot more readers without any additional work. Secondly, their support is unsurpassable and they really take the time to help you wherever they can.


As technology is constantly evolving and as more and more people are looking for new ways to read content online, publishing software definitely pleases readers’ and publishers’ needs.


We can even say that this website stands out from the competition. It doesn’t only provide the tools to create customized interactive pdf magazines easily but it also gives detailed readership analytics and the best options for widespread distribution.

I can absolutely recommend YUMPU Publishing to anyone who is looking for a free and easy-to-handle digital publishing platform.

3. FlippingBook

Like FlipHTML5, Flippingbook boasts many big-name clients who use their services. Some of these include Xerox, Target, Nissan, BBC, Comcast, Dell, and Columbia University.

Flippingbook allows customers to transform any size PDF file into a digital catalog, magazine, presentation, gallery, or newspaper with page flip animations. Mobile users are ensured full responsiveness due to an HTML5 framework, not Flash.


Import data from Powerpoint, Excel, Word, or PDFs, and then password-protect your content so only authorized users can access it.
There is a built-in FTP client to upload a flip book to your website with ease and an intuitive user interface to completely customize the look and feel of your publication.


Call on FlippingBook’s web analytics support team to enhance your marketing efforts, convert a finished flip book into a .exe or .app file for offline use, and only pay a one-time fee to download the software to your computer to create, edit and publish your content.
FlippingBook supports 11 languages.


There is a 10-page limit for trying out the service in the trial version. And if you create a book during the trial there is no way to save it. So you have to re-create from scratch if you decide to purchase the software.

The Cost: Free trial available or $399 for Basic, $699 for Professional, or $1,199 for Business

4. UberFlip

Uberflip is a popular and very clean platform to make a flip book with. Clients like GE, UPS, HP, and Microsoft use Uberflip for their content-creating needs.


UberFlip doubles as a flip book service and content hub to streamline marketing and content management efforts with partners like Hubspot and Mailchimp. They use a drag-and-drop editor to make customizing easy; allow for unique branding, logo incorporation, and a personal domain spot like; and are considered highly responsive when viewed on mobile devices.


As a marketing guru, UberFlip also provides metrics and reports to help identify problem areas in your content strategy and increase your visibility by using incorporated SEO techniques. They have a cloud-based service available with password protection options, they support Google analytics, and have created step-by-step guides to help you create the best product in the best way to suit your needs.


With larger files, flip book loading times can be a bit slow and there is no way to bulk edit folders which require more manual work for maintaining a consistent look.

The Cost: Starting at $750/mo for content streamlining, flip books, marketing support, and more.

5. Instant Flipbook

Instant Flip book aims to help clients like McDonald’s, L’oreal, National Geographic, Princeton University, and Audi make flip books to showcase their products.


No need to download any software, make a flip book right on the website, and convert PDFs in under two minutes. The products are unbranded so you can resell to clients and you’re able to preview your creation before dishing out any money.


Instant Flipbook is SEO-friendly, simple, and lightweight. It is also responsive across all devices and can be saved in executable formats to be viewed offline. Choose from built-in color schemes as you customize your content to match your brand.


Unfortunately, there is an upload maximum of 100 MB per file. And, you only have access to your flip book for one month (so save copies to have it forever)!

The Cost: You pay per flipbook. Each one you purchase increases your potential for discounts.
Seven-day free trial available.

6. Flipsnack

Flipsnack is ultimately a free web-based flip book design service. Create fully functional, downloadable, and dynamic digital content at no cost! If you need additional features like e-commerce or wish to remove the Flipsnack logo from your publication then you will need to upgrade to their premium version.


With Flipsnack create unlimited publications, embed content on any website using a widget or social media integration services, host your content on Flipsnack’s website, and have a unique URL that links directly to your content.


Both internal and external links are supported along with a one-page or two-page layout. Enable page-flipping sound effects if you desire after you choose from one of the many templates to guide your look and feel. Flipsnack supports tooltips in 27 languages, is adFREE, and provides a transparent background to integrate with your brand seamlessly.


Flipsnack keeps its logo visible on your flipbook unless you pay for the premium package, there are fewer publishing options than competitors (HTML and cloud-only) and the flip books are Flash-based instead of the more widely accepted (and responsive) HTML5-based books.

The Cost: Free for basic features. For the premium, package fees are between $16 and $30 monthly.

Result: My favorite is...

What is YUMPU Publishing? Publishing Funny name, brilliant to make a flipbook!

Imagine the convenience of taking a PDF file, uploading it, and having it appear faster than you can refill your cup of coffee as a beautiful online magazine.

You don’t need to know code and you don’t need to sweat over the small stuff. They’ve already done it for you.

The publishing software converts your pdf document into a digital magazine…like magic.

But this is better than magic because they have already thought about and added some key business tools. Not only do they convert a pdf to a digital magazine, but they also allow you to control and use that digital magazine to support your business goals.

  • Want to embed your digital magazine onto your website? Yes, you can do that.

  • Want to secure pages of your digital magazine? Yes, you can do that.

  • Want to make a flipbook that’s easy to share and can be read directly from Facebook? Yes, you can do that.

  • Want to have this all for free? You can have that too and so much more.

The publishing software has a free version of the software. As well as a paid version that offers some other great business tools, such as Apple-ready apps.

And when you choose to upgrade to a paid version, it won’t break the bank. With no contracts and low monthly fees, you can easily enjoy some enhanced features for your digital magazine.

With a free trial for the WEBKiosk and an attractive free option, you can easily make a flipbook and get your first online magazine up and running today. Imagine that. Your content, your ideas, and your best work are online and available to thousands of potential people in record time and with the type of business tools and controls the pros use. Why not join me in this visually beautiful, technically accessible, online world of magazine publishing?


There are many other services available online to make a flip book as well. These are just a few of the most popular. Identify what features are the most important to you and then check out their websites to ensure they are covered. All of these providers listed above have customer support available to answer any questions you may have before you purchase.

In my opinion, the best service to make pdf to flipbook debate here brought out a clear winner and that’s YUMPU Publishing. Of course, all sites have their own pros and cons. However, I for my part have found a way to create flipping books and digital publications online that is effective, extremely easy, and best of all, YUMPU Publishing is absolutely free!

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