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HTML5 Flipbook what will change your life in a positive way

I was trying to publish my content with an HTML5 flipbook and was really frustrated. That all changed when I found a free flipbook web service. One great thing about this service is it’s free and easy to use, it is very fast loading and it has tutorials on how to use it and many features that it provides. Click here to visit YUMPU Publishing now! We exist in an era when information can be transmitted in an instant; full novels can be carried on a cell phone for our convenience and important PDF documents can be sent, saved, signed, and disseminated with the touch of a button. So why wouldn’t we try to digitally mimic the action of turning a page? PDF flipbook pages are familiar, have practical use, and jazz up otherwise plain content. An HTML5 flipbook software with special features takes it a step further affording all users access to the content – regardless of their device ( desktop, mobile devices …). Just remember this: HTML5 flipbook is in and Flash is out. While PDF files are used to dominate the e-book and catalog world, the flipbook software offers a more tantalizing user experience than plain text ever could – also for mobile devices. Grab your audience’s attention, convert them into customers and show off your business’s personality in a dynamic and informational way of a magazine. Here are five examples of companies with clout who use PDF flipbook online pages with special features as a part of their content marketing strategy.

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Find The Best HTML5 Digital Flip Book Software

HTML5 is revolutionizing the way content is delivered over the internet. It’s replacing flash and other technologies. It’s for mobile and desktop browsers, and there are ways to easily turn HTML5 documents into an app. I’ve been exploring if I can use HTML5 and web-based technology to replace my current PDF magazine.

I put out a PDF content associated with a school. It’s not the best delivery system for sure. Everyone seems to have mobile devices and web access so I’ve been looking at ways to use a flipbook program for HTML5 to convert my files. I think I just found my solution for this publishing software.

I find it interesting the idea of being able to make my little magazine more dynamic. I would love to have it be able to produce something that is eye-catching and can really connect with parents who read my magazine. It would be nice if it could even spark some interest in my students so they can highlight their own work.

My Software Criteria

In looking at a flipbook program for HTML5, I decided that I would need to set up some criteria to evaluate potential solutions. I really didn’t want to check out every piece of software because that was going to cost me a lot of extra time that I don’t really have. If a program didn’t meet my criteria then I would drop it and move on.

After talking with parents and others, I knew that the digital magazine software for HTML5 that I chose would need to be free, it would need to be quick and simple, and it needed to have good reviews. I could probably pay for the program, but I really don’t want to. Good reviews are important, and I’m probably a little flexible on how simple it is to use. I just don’t want it much more difficult to use than the PDF creator/Microsoft Publisher combination I use right now. Lastly, I would prefer it to be web-based so I don’t have to worry about downloading software and then having to constantly update it.

I took an afternoon looking for a program. The first one I came across was PubHTML5. It’s downloadable software for creating digital magazines with HTML5. From the website, it wasn’t clear how much the software would cost. It did offer a free-to-try option but in my experience to try soon becomes expensive to keep going. When I finally found the prices I realized that while it could be free for me, it seems like they had very few features. I also couldn’t find any reviews about the service so I moved on.


Next, I found FlipHTML5. It was also downloadable software but it looked like the same website but just a different name than the PubHTML5 page. The pricing and the features looked just the same. I didn’t bother looking for reviews and I was glad I skipped PubHTML5 after seeing this page. I’m very leery of things that just don’t feel right.

I found XFlip next. It actually looked like an easy-to-understand product. It quickly became clear that it would do exactly what I needed to do with two downsides. It promised a simple downloadable digital magazine software for HTML5. While I didn’t necessarily want that type, I would if it met my other requirements. The bigger downside was the pricing. It charged $99 for a lifetime license for one user. When I checked out the reviews, it got scary. One online review was particularly scathing. It referred me to KviSoft.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed with my afternoon of searching. I found that KviSoft didn’t have bad reviews, in fact, its reviews were ok. It was also a downloadable flip book software for HTML5 but like the others it cost money. It was a 30-day free trial followed by a $ 97-lifetime license. It might be doable but I wanted to keep looking.

Finding The Best Solution

Frankly, I was tired of looking. I was starting to accept the fact that I would either have to keep my existing PDF content, or I would just have to shell out the money for flipbook program with HTML5. This is when I came across this publishing software.

I was pleasantly surprised by this solution. I was quick to find out that it was web-based and that it would just take my existing .pdf file and quickly convert it to an HTML5 book. It could actually be converted into several different formats. It could be displayed on desktops and mobile devices. That gives it a huge plus in simple usability.

It was nice to see that the pricing was clear and simple to find. They have levels that cost money but you don’t need to spend anything for their free level. Their free level can meet just about any need anyone has. I liked how it would allow unlimited page views and an unlimited number of magazines. I know nothing comes truly free so it’s ok for me that they have ads in my magazines.

The reviews for it were very good were also quite good. This sealed the deal since it satisfied all of my requirements for digital magazine software for HTML5.

How to Easily Make Digital Magazines

I was impressed with how simple it was to get an account on YUMPU Publishing. I could use either my Facebook or Twitter account or just sign up for an account. That was easy and I was immediately prompted to upload a pdf for conversion. It really was that easy. It was just a minute and I had my pdf converted to an HTML5 magazine. It’s viewable from any web browser and looks good.

If you are like me and need flip book software with HTML5 then you should take a look at the software. It’s a quick and easy solution that most of all are free.  It’s a great way to get your catalogs out there to the world. Start now at the Flipbook Creator YUMPU Publishing!

The HTML5 Flipbook

These are just five examples illustrating the array of possibilities that flip books offer. As internet consumerism grows so will the prevalence of these dynamic digital characters as companies incorporate them into their content marketing strategies.

1. Estée Lauder Brochure

Screenshot of Estee Lauder HTML5 Flipbook

In this digital html5 flip magazine or digital publishing example, Estée Lauder does a fantastic job of conveying its sleek and sophisticated brand through the revolutionary digital PDF flip book.

The company is able to showcase its products without overwhelming viewers with text and hard-to-navigate content, and they have a call to action placed right within the confines of the page it did create.

A traditional catalog page in PDF format would make it impossible to “shop now” without having to manually find your way to the shop.

Too many steps translate into a lower conversion rate and ultimately lower profits. Also, notice the ability for multi-level zoom. These are rich features that a page flipbook program offers and PDF files continue to struggle with.

2. Apple’s Ipad Air 2 Advertisement

screenshot of iPad Air 2 HTML5 Flipbook

Apple is no stranger to the intricacies of design. They pride themselves on being pioneers in the industry of innovativeness and user-friendliness.

It’s no surprise that they chose to advertise the iPad Air 2 by using a feature-filled new flip book program. In the image above you will notice that Apple does two very distinct things on this page of their new html5 flipping book. First, they adhere to their brand.

Apple enjoys a simple and elegant ambiance void of noise and distractions. Their effective use of whitespace wins over their audience and they don’t forget to utilize it throughout their digital flipbook ad.

Secondly, Apple embeds a video that further demonstrates why you should purchase their product. This kind of marketing capability goes leaps and bounds beyond what a text PDF document can do – and you know it will always work on any device because it’s programmed as a PDF HTML5 page flipping book.

3. H&M Catalog

H&M HTML5 Flipbook example

This H&M catalog is well-designed and encourages brand awareness, similar to Apple’s brochure above.

The designer decided to incorporate the bohemian feel by using a background image and toning down the navigational tools to fit the vibe of the brand.

H&M also placed its logo in the catalog to be seen on every page creating even more brand recognition.

Clothes catalogs are already fun to page flip through but when you can peruse trendy outfits, see them in action and click to shop, share or save on one page – well that’s just good marketing.

screenshot of Wedding Wire HTML5 Flipbook

Give your portfolio some bumps by presenting your hard work in an accessible and complementary way.

Wedding Wire uses a new flipbook program to highlight some of their most picturesque weddings.

They embed gallery sliders, and animated scrapbook effects and they even have background music to inspire you as your browse.

Imagine how clients will view your work with a new PDF flip book with many features compared to the standard website portfolio!

5. Outside Magazine

Outside magazine HTML5 Flipbook

Magazines are addicting and as such it’s not unusual for there to be stacks of them lying around the average person’s house. So what if you don’t want to give up magazines but you’re tired of having them laying around?

Outside magazine adapted its product to fit the needs of an ever-changing market. Plus, it’s more cost-effective, more eco-friendly, and more accessible for their target audience.

This free flip book is an exact replica of the printed page version – except now there are videos laced throughout the content and clickable links to bring a world of relevant information to your fingertips. And once again, notice the seamless branding efforts with the fun background image and logo placement.

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