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Boost Your Blog powerful to 100% with Flipbook jQuery

Even pro bloggers will eventually hit a brick wall when it comes to increasing their subscriber numbers. So what can you do to boost your blog, pump up your numbers and keep moving forward? A couple of solutions are easy to sound off but in an effort to be unique (and therefore generate more interest from our audience) let’s try a new approach for an overdone idea. The Flipbook Creaotr YUMPU Publishing is the answer to all these questions. We will transform the popular e-book into a profitable flipbook jQuery and jumpstart your numbers to boot. Get your free flipbook now!

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The E-Book

Most people operating a blog, brand, or business in the digital flipbook era have entertained the idea of publishing an e-book, have published an e-book, or are in the process of doing so. Electronic books are totally in right now as content creators and marketing strategists are steering clear of “thin” content and are focused on fattening up.

Thin content doesn’t necessarily mean short content but rather content that never answers the reader’s original question. Regardless of its length or the quality of copywriting – thin content is taking a serious back burner and e-books are becoming all the rage.

As the surge of e-books continues to rise you may start to wonder if your fat content will be good enough or different enough to stand out amongst the masses. It’s a reasonable question and one that has a reasonable solution: make a flipbook online page with jQuery.

Flip books allow all of your well-earned cred to be showcased like an e-book but integrated with multimedia to further engage your audience. Plus, the pages flip like a real book which adds the illusion of printed material. Now you have the opportunity to stand out and show off.

What’s jQuery?

Javascript is a computer language used to bring life to websites and applications. JQuery is a library of useful Javascript snippets that make programming even easier and more succinct. Combined with HTML5 and CSS3, jQuery can produce fully interactive, browser-rendered, responsive, and secure animated content in a way that flash never could.

Not only is jQuery easy to use – if you’re at all familiar with client-side scripting – but it’s open-source, cross-browser compatible, and executes AJAX requests with ease. The triple threat (HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery) coupled with the e-book marketing scheme can work wonders for any blog in a stalemate.

Why Build a Flipbook jQuery?

Generate Leads

E-books are awesome for bringing in leads. In exchange for a few bits of information, maybe a name and an email, a reader can get the content they are seeking. To them, it seems like a fair deal and they don’t feel like they are in a used car lot even though your subtle marketing skills are still at work.

Any PDF, PowerPoint, or Word document (think: e-book) can be converted into a flipping flipbook with one of the popular flip book page services available online – in less than ten minutes. Instead of exchanging an e-book, give your reader the link to your embedded flip book page with the option to download a PDF. People will more likely watch your content than take the time to read a long text-laden document.

Flipbooks offer more opportunities to complete this conversion than an e-book can by using stimulating content which pushes your top-of-the-funnel leads into middle-of-the-funnel leads and customers.


One of the beauties of creating a jQuery flipbook is the search engine optimization benefit. If you choose to use a flash flipbook search engine algorithms will miss the juicy stuff hidden on the inside of the flash container. We all know that SEO is crucial to brand visibility and profitability, but how will your ebook.pdf be indexed? Not very successful. Transform your PDF into a flipping book to reap the rewards of your hard work.


Think about how much easier it is for a reader to click a link that leads directly to your flipping pdf flipbook than it is to download a PDF, download a PDF viewer and then navigate through the monochrome text. In the words of a now-famous Oklahomian – ain’t nobody got time for that. Giving better access to your readers will help encourage them to engage with your content and bring them one step closer to a conversion.

Thought Leadership

One of the most important marketing components is you. People like to see a face attached to the information they are consuming, they want to know who you are and if they can trust you. Establish your brand (and by extension yourself) as someone who is a part of the conversation and a part of the community every time. You will begin to send a message loud and clear that you are passionate, educated, and committed to your field. Your reward? You’ll become the go-to person for experts and laymen alike.

How does becoming a thought leader translate to creating flip book pages? Hold a live webinar and then take recorded snippets to embed in your flip book page as a way to include readers who couldn’t make it. Your audience will appreciate your thinking about them and it will bring character to your content.

Flipbooks are becoming the next big thing so jump on it while the giving is still good. Tailor your jQuery flip book to your needs, make it a longer and more thoughtful call-to-action, create urgency for readers to dive in, and watch your numbers go up. The best platform for reaching these goals is YUMPU Publishing. Start today and sign up for free at the Flipbook Creator YUMPU Publishing!

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