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For the longest time, I had been searching for the perfect page-turning software. As we were having dinner at Mike’s place, my long-time childhood friend told me about this awesome publishing software called YUMPU Publishing. He has been using the Online Flipbook Maker to generate publications such as online catalogs for his business, answering why his online publications are always sleek and organized. Before I heard about this software, I had tried numerous Free Flipbook Makers, but all were frustrating. Most of the applications were expensive and complicated to use. Since I started using the Flipbook Maker, I can attest that it is the best page-turning software. With this Flipbook Maker, I can now comfortably generate an e-flip book from a PDF in just a couple of minutes. I can now change my PDF to Flipbook Free, which recreates the online reading experience of a physical book or magazine. A digital flipbook is an eBook that resembles and feels like a printed publication without incurring the printing cost. With this Flipbook maker, you are able to save paper and shelf space without compromising the reader’s engaging experience. The Flipbook Creator YUMPU Publishing offers professional Flipbook software that converts PDF to Flipbook. Flipbook HTML5 offers an interactive experience to the reader since you can add a video pdf and a hyperlink in pdf.

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How to convert your PDF to a Flipbook with the Flipbook Maker?

Have you wondered how you can use a PDF to Flipbook converter for free? Worry no more. Here is an elaborate explanation of how you can create Flipbook free from a pdf document. When creating the page flip flash, you can add interactive elements to your flipbook pdf. You should keep in mind that the flip pdf free document is highly sharable. You can add the PDF to Facebook posts or share PDFs on Twitter. Follow these six quick and straightforward steps to a page-turning pdf in just a few clicks.

  1. Visit the YUMPU Publishing official website and create a free account. Activate your account by clicking on it in the email you received.

  2. Then click on the upload PDF button

  3. Select the PDF you want to publish from your smart gadget or computer

  4. The PDF will automatically convert the PDF into a Flipping Book HTML5 document.

  5. Add multimedia elements such as music, videos, links, and images on the HTML Flipbook.

  6. Click the publish button to make the HTML5 Flipbook available to your readers or customers.

Why should the software be your partner in publishing?

The page flip book animation maker will add something to your publication, making it a real page-turner. The online pdf flipper is free and only takes a few seconds to change a pdf to flip book. As a publisher, you must invent ways to actively engage and interact with your audience or customers. One way of doing so is using an HTML Flip book. The flash-flipping books give an engaging and attractive display, thus keeping your readers engaged. Using Flipping Book Online ensures your publication is neatly organized since you can even add photos in pdf. Publishing with YUMPU Publishing ensures your flash flip page is highly ranked among the available search engines. When converting PDF to Flipbook free publication, the document is broken up into individual pages. High ranking on search engines ensures the online flipbook free document will receive a bigger audience, translating to more views.

The amazing advantages of using this incredible software

When it comes to publishing, YUMPU Publishing has your back. The different versions available have all you need to get started in the business of flash-flipping documents. Below are some of the advantages of flash-flipping pages with this software.

  • The flip book maker free online software is compatible with all types of gadgets ranging from laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. This makes the process of making flip books online convenient. You can do it anytime and anywhere.

  • The Flipbook Maker ensures your free flip pdf is SEO optimized. As your audience search for your publication, your pdf flip online will be among the top search results. As a result, more people will be interacting with your animation flipbook.

  • When you create a flipbook from pdf free, you can personalize the publication. You can add your logo and other personal markers on the flipping page flash.

  • You can share and embed your flash-flipping book across all the social media plats. With a flipping book free online publication, you can post the PDF to Twitter, share the PDF on Facebook or add a URL to the PDF.

  • The Flipbook Maker permits the embedding of various multimedia elements on the flip page flash. It is possible to add audio in pdf and embed video in pdf. When you insert a video in pdf and add a hyperlink to pdf, the flash page turning publication becomes more engaging and fetches more audience.

Pdf vs. flipbook: Why flipbooks are better?

Converting a pdf to a flipbook confers the following benefits:

  • Flipbooks are sharable compared to pdfs. It is easy and convenient to share a URL compared to an attachment. A flipbook Maker is able to compress a pdf into a flip page flash, which is easy to share via emails, social media, and other file-sharing services. To post PDFs to Facebook or to add PDFs to Twitter is not appealing.

  • The publication becomes more embeddable. Turn pdf into flipbook makes it easy to integrate the publication on a website. The process is simplified to a copy-and-paste procedure.

  • Free flipbook creator introduces the analytical aspect of your publication. When using pdfs, you do not get any data or statistics. Flipbook online free publication can provide real-time and actionable data.

  • Online flipbook free publication permit interactivity between different multimedia elements. You cannot easily add a link to a PDF. On the other hand, you can see numerous captions and videos on the page flipping flash publication.

  • Free online flipbook publication brings about some natural feelings when interacting with the publication. All readers want to experience the page-turning feel and even the sound that comes with flipbook animation software free.

  • The free online flip book has an enhanced protection setting compared to a pdf. The flip book pdf free offers your pdf more protection. No one can copy any part of the pdf, including the links in the PDF. Using flipbook Makers offers you maximum control over the pdf flipbook free document.

Premium Flipbook maker versions

Besides the free version, YUMPU Publishing offers numerous paid variants for the online Flipbook. The premium versions are reasonably priced and easy to use. Some of the paid versions include;

  1. The adFREE plan-this version ensures that the publication doesn’t have any ads, thus giving the reader uninterrupted reading season. This version has a one-month trial period.

  2. WEBKiosk plan- this version has been designed for people who own or run an online kiosk. This version comes with premium support to help you turn page flash

  3. APPKiosk– this version supports communication across multiple devices. You can also use the version even if you are offline.

  4. PROKiosk plan- this version is the best for commercial publishers. The versions allow you to sell your publication directly to readers via the software.

General advantages of the paid premium versions include:
  • Most of the versions have advertisement space that can be monetized

  • Allows you to convert unlimited pdfs to flipbooks

  • The version features a dedicated contact person who has the knowledge and skills needed when you want to generate publications using Catalog Maker.

  • They feature a subscription button. This helps you monitor the development and expansion of your reader base

  • Have enhanced data protection.

  • You can customize the layout of your publication


The software has simplified the process of changing pdf documents into flipbooks. In five minutes, you can create sleek and SEO-optimized publications. The software has a way of making the publication real to the reader. Give it a trial and bring your paper publications online and convert them into a format reader are already familiar with and love. You can take your pdfs to the next level to get all the benefits of an online flipbook generator called YUMPU Publishing. Get more interactivity, more engagements increased shareability and enhanced tracking of your publication.

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