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Flipbook Online with the 7 best Ways to Deliver your Content

It’s hard to beat the feel of a glossy magazine in your hands but if you had to, a flipbook online with YUMPU Publishing would be its match. Navigate from page to page of an e-book or a product advertisement with smooth page turning action, embedded videos, colorful vector images, added audio, accessible call-to-action, and links to better deliver your message. Create an easy and elegant flipbook in a few minutes at YUMPU Publishing.

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Create an E-book

Electronic books, or e-books, are pretty popular these days. Famous authors make their printed material available to digital readers; businesses craft content to help draw a potential customer into their lair, and bloggers assemble e-books within their niche to make an income. E-books often come in PDF format which can be cumbersome to navigate depending on the length of the text, content organization, and if you have a PDF file viewer or not.

create e-book

Instead, what if you could transform that same material into a more interesting experience for the user? Choose to convert your PDF files to a free flip book and you can do just that.

E-books with some easily added pizazz will help create a sense of involvement with the content, and once the reader feels involved they have a higher likelihood of turning into a converted lead. But be careful, don’t overstimulate your audience because too much engagement can actually be bad for business.

Create a Catalog

There are people all over the world who are actively receiving printed catalogs from their favorite stores in their mailboxes every day. Not only could converting a catalog to a free flip book cut down on costs, but it can also become more accessible to the intended buyer persona and it reduces your carbon footprint, too.

With the free page flip book effect, your catalog will not lose any of its charms, in fact. It will probably be more enticing for your customers as they can see a product they like and actually click to purchase it right then and there. They can also watch an embedded video demonstrating the product of interest and enjoy a new, fun way to shop.

Create a Brochure

For a second let’s pretend that you are in the market for a Macbook Air. You saw an ad on television and it piqued your curiosity. Your next step, likely, is to jump online and search for “MacBook air” to gather some more information about it before you decide to purchase. So you Google it and click on a search result entitled “Macbook Air Flip book”.

Instead of seeing this:

MacBook Air print advertisement

You get to interact with this (a highly engaging and informational brochure):

Now which one is more convincing? Yep, the free flip book magazine.

Create an E-magazine

Like with printed books, printed magazines are really fun to read. They are colorful, have perfume samples (unfortunately this cannot be translated digitally), and publishing a magazine gives you information about a subject in an easy-to-read and digestible way. E-magazines in flip book form can do much the same thing, except they have a higher reading engagement, can help you be discovered, and offer much more flexible advertising options for your publications.

A PDF flipbook helps readers feel as if they have control over which page they’re on while giving them richer features like sharing on social media or listening to a sample of the band the review was written about.

PDF to Flipbook Without Spending a Dime

macbook mit yumpu

While attempting to turn one of my PDFs into a magazine, I came across a lot of programs, websites, and other applications. When I found YUMPU Publishing, I realized it represented everything I was looking for the whole time. Here’s what you need to know about it if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and free way to turn your PDF into a beautiful-looking magazine.

Why Turn a PDF Into a Flipbook?

The reason why I wanted to turn a particular PDF into a magazine online was for added readability and sharing. Many PDFs are pretty dry and aren’t always easy to navigate. A magazine, by contrast, is

  • easier on the eyes,

  • easier to flip through,

  • more accessible,

  • and more digestible.

In addition, turning your PDF into a magazine also allows for more interactive features, should you want them. Beyond that, customizations also become easier. A PDF is often fairly inflexible, especially once it’s compiled into its final form. When turning it into a free flipbook, you can add functions, media, and other items that make it more accessible and even enjoyable to people. Start today and all for free at YUMPU Publishing.

In the artistic community, be it painting, photography, sculpting, web design, graphic design – the list goes on – a portfolio is probably the most important collection there is. Everyone has a website nowadays showcasing their work in a cool template, or using a lightbox gallery, or maybe… with a free PDF flip book software including great features.

Flipbooks can function on a simpler level than product catalogs or spruced-up advertisements. They can be simply an image representing your work with a page-turning transition to another image representing another piece of work. It’s simple, it’s focused and the publications will likely impress your audience as they get a taste of your creativity. An image gallery flip book software can be a flat object, 2D, or it can be more animated object should you choose it to be.



If you have Facebook you’ve probably witnessed a friend or two posting about an engagement, a baby on the way, a wedding cake mishap, or some sort of another big life moment worthy of sharing.

Sometimes, if we’re honest, we get a little tired of seeing the same kind of announcement.

A PDF flipping book free flipping book publisher software can enrich that same old declaration of love or addition to the family, but it can do so in a more exciting way and it can be shared to selected people via a direct link – instead of to everyone you didn’t know you knew on social media.

So there you have it, 7 brilliant ways to use a flipbook online for your next digital publishing endeavor.

Here is what you need and it's FREE!

While attempting to turn one of my PDF files into a magazine, I came across a lot of programs, websites, and other applications. When I found YUMPU Publishing, I realized it represented everything I was looking for the whole time. Here’s what you need to know about it if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and free way to turn your PDF into a beautiful-looking magazine.

Use YUMPU to make beautiful, shareable magazines out of your PDFs

Going from PDF to Flipbook Online for Free

The software makes going from PDF to magazine online easy and user-friendly. Even better, they have a free publishing option. I didn’t have a lot of requirements for my PDF, so I tried the free option. It’s kind of amazing what you get for free.

What you get for free
  • Publish your magazine globally

    – The site allows you to keep your magazine on their servers. This allows others to access it from anywhere on the planet.

  • Attract new readers to your publication

    – With its availability online, combined with the site’s millions of users, people from everywhere can come across it. The site allows tags and has a search feature. This is great for reaching and creating awareness of your brand or ideas.

  • Publish an unlimited number of e-papers with an unlimited number of pages

    – Your e-paper is not limited by size. Equally, you can upload as many as you would like.

  • The ability to embed your magazine (free WordPress plugin available as well)

    – You can control the reach of your publication by embedding it wherever you want. You can embed it on your blogs, websites, or any place that allows you to. If you have a WordPress-powered site or blog, then the free plugin makes the process seamless. It allows you to upload a PDF to your site, which automatically turns them into e-paper magazines. They also upload to your account as well.

  • Share your e-paper on social media

    – The software allows you to share your magazine on all the most popular social media sites. In fact, many of the sites allow a full or partial share of your magazine. Some social media sites also allow the pages to be turned, magazine-style, right there on the site. So interested readers won’t have to follow a link out of their favorite social media site.

  • Uses HTML5, Flash, and JavaScript (add audio, video, and other links)

    – Your magazine will look modern, and fresh, and display well on all modern browsers. You can easily embed all kinds of multimedia elements with the assurance they will perform as they should when someone opens them.

  • Useable on tablets and smartphones

    – Your magazine will display just fine on mobile devices. So you don’t have to worry that people viewing from their phones or tablets will have any issues.

  • Ability to publish from Dropbox

    – Dropbox users can send a PDF to their accounts and have it uploaded and converted into a magazine automatically.

  • Access to API and PHP library

    – Yes, for those that want to truly make the platform their own, you have access to the API and the PHP library in the free version.

There are a lot more free features besides these. The platform is robust, user-friendly, and easy to use. If you ever find yourself at a loss for what you should or can do, there’s a large support community available to answer questions and teach you new things. Keep in mind, that’s all just from the free option.

The site offers tiers of upgrades in case you need more publishing power, all the way up to enterprise solutions. But, as I said, I just wanted something simple. Although I may just upgrade and use the site for business purposes.

Going from PDF to Flipbook Fast

You would think that going from PDF to magazine online would take a lot of time. In some cases, it actually does take a while. This wasn’t the case with this software. The conversion process takes at most a couple of minutes.

This is comparable to some other PDF to magazine online sites. However, what those sites typically lack is all the features that come along with YUMPU Publishing for free.

A quick comparison to Issuu

For example, a close competitor is Issuu, and I’ve used that site in the past. Issuu is okay, but it won’t let you embed audio or video, and it’s certainly a lot slower.

It takes a lot longer to put together the actual content on Issuu than it does on the software. That’s not including the actual conversion time. Many of the free features that are immediately available on YUMPU Publishing are a part of paid tiers on Issuu.

Give it a Try, Absolutely for Free

I found the services offered by YUMPU Publishing to be of high quality. I will definitely use it again. In fact, just by seeing how easy, it was to use, and what I got for free, I’m considering upgrading to a paid package. Just using the service gave me several ideas on how I can leverage it for my own business.

There are a ton of great features just waiting for you to use them – so there’s nothing stopping you from signing up for a free account at YUMPU Publishing and going from PDF to magazine online today.

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