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8 Best JQuery Flipbook Plugins for you to Use for Free

Countless flipbook plugins give designers the ability to simulate printed material in a digital flipbook form through page-flipping effects and the addition of rich interactive content. I was trying the jQuery flipbook plugin and was really frustrated. Everything changed when i found the free web -service of Yumpu. It`s just easy and simple to upload your PDF pages or portfolio toYumpu. Try it now by yourself at  Yumpu.com.

1. Turn.js

turn_jsOne of the most modern looking Javascript libraries, turn.js allows a user to create a super quick PDF flipbooks who are responsive and compatible on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone.

Turn also provides two transition options, is developed entirely using  HTML5 and CSS3 (no flash here), and employs simple and effective API.

It is also cross-browser friendly and the new DOM allows for better performance regardless of the page flip book size.

2. Yumpu

step2_yumpuWhen it comes to convert your PDF files into a stylish digital flipbook and get your brochure or catalog online, the best free web service for flipbooks is Yumpu.

If your are looking for a natural page flip effect as if turning a real paper magazine or catalog, this free software solution is one of a kind.

Within 2 minutes you can upload your PDF files and share your content on your website and social networks.Moreover your flipbook can be indexed by search engines like Google.  I decided to sign up for free and have not regretted to take andvantage of the free and easy service of Yumpu.

3. jQuery Flipbook Booklet

jquery_flipbook_bookletA wonderful programming guru named Will developed the open source jQuery plugin.

He has included plenty of documentation on how to customize your page flip pages on your website, installation directions and demos to see what you can do with his jQuery plugins.

Enjoy manual navigation options with the jQuery user interface, page numbers if desired, keyboard navigation and shadowy animations when necessary.

Spice it up with endless HTML opportunities within the script. The image above is the moleskine look designed by jQuery Booklet.

4. WowBook

wowbookMuch like the name implies, WowBook offers a wow worthy page turning jquery flipbook framework.

Switch from a two page flipbook to one page, generate the feeling of reading a real book as the cover is larger than the interior pages, utilize lightbox, enjoy responsive content to reach all of your target audience and render PDF files using the new and improved PDFjs library.

WowBook also allows users to pinch to zoom, provides thumbnails and options for deeplinking. For all this plugin offers, it will only set you back $25.

5. BookBlock

bookblockAn open source option to try out a new jquery flipbook is BookBlock. Taking jQuery for the build, BookBlock offers seamless page flipping movements with page flip effect, allows for the incorporation of video, audio, vector images and linking.

Included are shadow overlays to create a more realistic environment – like that of reading a printed book and turning the pages.

Content can be flipped horizontally or vertically, right-to-left support is included and background images can be used to further customize your content.

6. Responsive Flipbook v5

Responsive_Flipbook_v5Not only does the Responsive Flipbook team know their jquery flipbook stuff – they provide some of the best support available for a jQuery flip book plugin. This plugin is fully responsive, is easy to set up, includes templates with 8 color schemes, 30+ background patterns, one or two page books, unique URL’s for every page and keyboard support.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool to make your next winning flip book, Responsive Flipbook is the way to go. And, it only costs $22.

7. imBookFlip

imbookflipAnother simple and effective plugin is imBookFlip. The plugin is designed to offer options for auto-play flipbooks with and without sound, manual click flipbooks, and used within an iFrame or the actual page content.

ImBookFlip also has AJAX support and API that directly points to a desired page if allowed.

Visit the web site to see the different plugins available for smooth sailing jquery flipbook design.

8. Flip Page

flipbpageThe previous six jQuery flipbook plugins pertained primarily to creating digital magazines, brochures and e-books filled with call-to-actions and real interactive features for viewers to engage with.

Flip Page sends a different sort of message, one that is particularly charming for sharing images in a more enticing way. Say you have a portfolio that you would like to send to a future client – using Flip Page allows you to include your best pieces of work with the focus on one piece of content at a time before they “turn the page”. Flip Page works across all browsers and is responsive.

And the Winner is: Yumpu – the best choice for me!

Have you ever wondered how to build your email list as well as drive audience and traffic to your blog with one product?

As a website owner and blogger, I wanted to increase traffic while not overwhelming myself with a variety of processes. It didn’t seem like it would be possible since there were different products and services for each aspect of my blogging.

I could bring in traffic with one task or increase my email list with another task. Finding a process or product that accomplished all those tasks seemed impossible until a fellow blogger recommended Yumpu.com to create and distribute a slick magazine.

audienceWith all the traffic streams available to me, I was completely overcome with indecision.

I could use social media to drive traffic to a page of my website where I would capture email addresses.

Another option would be to send emails asking other bloggers to do guest posts on their site.

I’d also need a service that would allow me to send newsletters to my audience once I had their email addresses. Along with those functions, I’d also have to have someone create the newsletters for me as well as the page of my website to capture emails.

It was all too overwhelming. I needed one system in place to perform all those tasks.

I didn’t want to create a sales page as well as weekly newsletters to get people to come to my site. When I realized I needed a great flip book to get people to the website, I didn’t earn nearly enough money to hire a graphic design or content writer. I’d have to do all this myself.

Bring your PDF online and reach millions of readers with Yumpu

Once I found out about digital flipbooks and how easy it would be for me to create my own slick magazine on Yumpu, I was thrilled. After researching a few options aside from Yumpu, I realized that it was the only platform that appealed to me based on my needs. With the platform, I wouldn’t need to hire a graphic designer either. I could create the flip book myself.

With the help of the platform, I’m able to drive readers to my site without having to create a dozen traffic channels or newsletters each month. I feel fantastic in my business right now.

I’m no longer struggling to bring readers and customers into my site, and the people around me notice that I’m less frustrated. I finally feel like a real business owner.

Benefits of Yumpu

  • The software and magazines are hosted in the cloud
  • Never have to worry about losing your magazines
  • No downloads or complicated menus to learn
  • Millions of readers will see your magazine on the platform
  • Optimized to be shared on a variety of social media channels
  • Drag and drop editing of links, sounds and slideshows in the magazine
  • Auto detect links to websites, email addresses and phone numbers
  • Import and format from PDF, Excel or Google doc files

WordPress Plugin

To make it even easier to create a flip book, the platform allows you to upload a plugin to WordPress that will convert your content to flipb book style. Any PDF uploaded to the plugin on the site will be converted to an online readable jquery flipbook-style brochure. The converted file can be added into any pages or posts on the WordPress site. It doesn’t require your audience to upload a browser plugin to read it either.

Optimized Content Delivered to Mobile and Desktop

mobile_desktopMobile & Desktop

When readers are trying to view online magazines, epapers or flipbooks, it can be difficult for them to load depending on the reader’s device. With the Yumpu flipbook, the content is optimized to be delivered to a variety of devices without losing quality or increasing load times.


With the free version of the platform, users can create magazines with no page limits, which is better than other services that have limits on the amount of free pages. There’s also no limit to the amount of magazines you can create.

You’ll be able to add multimedia content to your magazines quite easily. That includes videos and interactive content like links and galleries. Your brochure or newspaper can be delivered to a variety of platforms like social media or websites.


With Adfree, you get all the features of the free version of the site but with the added bonus of being able to brand the flip book with your company logos and colors. There won’t be any third-party ads on your newspaper or magazines. You can also have Google Analytics on your dashboard at the site to give you vital information about your readers.

Along with the epaper, you’ll be able to create presentations and white papers with a company design, logo and colors to stick with your brand story. It’ll hide the Yumpu name and logo, so it’ll be a bit more professional for your audience.


webkioskGet own webpage with Webkiosk

With a webkiosk, you’ll get your own webpage with all your magazines in one place. It’ll present you as an independent brochure publisher. This is great for selling subscriptions to your flipbook for readers. The connection to the site will not be visible at all.

It’ll help sell magazines in other languages too. The webkiosk plan will allow you to have a variety of content including those in other languages aside from your base countries’ language. Every webkiosk has its own flavor based on how you want to design it. You don’t need to have any design experience either. It’s all drag and drop for easy customization.


The appkiosk allows you to publish all your magazines in a sleek app, which divides all your magazines into sections and different shelves to sell to your readers. For example, if you’re a sports blogger, you could sell magazines about golf, tennis or baseball in different apps for your separate audiences.

With your own app, you can open up a whole different avenue of sales and driving traffic to your site.


This last type of service will provide you with a professional subscription service to your customers. It’ll help you keep track of all your subscriptions as well as billing and distributing the magazine each month. All you’ll need to do is upload your catalog to the platform. This adds an extra layer of commerce to your website.

How-To Section

media insertSign up for Yumpu with your email address.

You’ll be able to drag your PDF file directly into the dashboard of the site. Once you’ve added the PDF file, the software will take a few minutes to convert it before allowing you to view the flip book and make changes. You can also use the document manager on your dashboard to upload the file.

Once you get to the document’s menu, you can change the title, add a description, change the tags and find a relevant category for the flip book.

This will help users find your flip book on Yumpu’s kiosk if you want it public. If you’re selling magazines from the prokiosk platform, you won’t have to worry about the magazine being public.

Along with adding tags and categories, you can embed videos and links in the flip book with the drag-and-drop editor.

While making changes, you can view up-to-date changes immediately with the “View Magazine” option.

After all changes are made, you can save and upload the epaper wherever you’d like. I was extremely happy with the first flip book I ever created, and I continue to use the service to upload monthly magazines for my readers. I’ve gotten loads of compliments from my long-time readers as well as gaining more visitors to my site based on the attractiveness of my flip book.

Find a Service

As you can see there are many options available to you as you begin your flipbook design search. If using a jQuery plugin seems a little bit over your head check out some free online flipbook services who will do all the work for you. The free web service of  Yumpu.com gives excellent with the speed of the internet publication.  Since i publish my work on Yumpu it is viewed and used by millions of customers.

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  1. Wow! There are so many different flipbook apps. I will have to give a few of them ago and see, which ones work best for me. I’ve heard of Yumpu before. I already have a PDF of some of our bike trip, so this might be a good option to start with. Thanks for sharing – it’s definitely been useful.

    • admin_enstituteorg

      Hey Kelly,

      I`m sure your bike trip will look great within a yumpu flipbook and it`s a great oppertunity to share your holiday impressions with all your friends around the globe.


  2. Thank you for your thoughts on all these PDF flip books. I had no idea that there are so many. But i already made my choice. I am going to stick with Yumpu. I am more than satisfied!

  3. I’ve never heard of Yumpu before but it sounds like a real winner. If I look further into creating a digital flipbook I really will have to check them out. With this information in my back pocket it will be much easier to make a decision.

  4. admin_enstituteorg

    hi melissa,

    maybe this new article about how to make a flipbook online where you get an overview about the best services will help you to find the right decision for you.

    here is the link: http://enstitute.org/make-a-flipbook-online/


  5. Saving this post!! There are so many plugins for photo albums. This list of flipbook plugins is the best I’ve seen. I have avoided putting photos on my website because finding a plugin is annoying. This list will definitely help make my search easier.

    • admin_enstituteorg

      Hi Naomi,

      and now you can find for yourself the best available flipbook plugin! Have fun finding out.


  6. Britanica

    Once again, great information! I do have a question. With the WowBook software, since it is free… What are the huge limitations of using it? I would love to use something like that for these small pamphlets I want to get out to my readers. I do a pet care blog and I feel like this would/may be a good option for shorter, more to the point information.

    • admin_enstituteorg

      Hi Britanica,

      the WowBook is a good choice but for myself i found out that Yumpu comes with the best overall impresseion inclueding the possibilty to embed audio or video content to my flipbook project which is an amazing feature in my eyes!


  7. Thanks for providing this huge list! I feel I have everything that I can choose from before me. I really like Yumpu a lot after reading, I’m going to download it and try it out. There are other options on the list worth looking into also that are really good prices. This will really make my online content stand out. Thank you!

    • admin_enstituteorg

      Hi Kay,

      you will love Yumpu.com and all its great free features!
      Feel free to share your flipbook here at my blog if its ready to click trough 😉


  8. Andrea Robinson

    It’s always great to know what plugins are out there, even if you don’t intend to use them, because as you learn and grow, you’re sure to find some that are incredibly handy. I’m so new to this that I didn’t know what a DOM element was, so I had to look it up. But I already created my first Flipbook on Yumpu yesterday, so I’m really optimistic about how this is gonna go! Thanks for all your help.

    • admin_enstituteorg

      Hi Andrea,

      i`m glad i could help you finding a great flipbook app for you. Feel free to share your flipbook made by Yumpu here at my “enstitute” blog.


  9. I love the flat page look of flip page. It looks so stylish and modern. Yumpu seems to have a crazy amount of cool features though, you’re doing an excellent job of convincing me to give it a try. I love the wordpress plug in option as some newer services don’t seem to offer that.

    • admin_enstituteorg

      Hey Jamie,

      you are right! The wordpress plug in option is also one of my favorites and a great feature from Yumpu.


  10. The options are endless. Now begins the research into which would be best for my concept. Thank you for bringing all these together in one place. I’m quite computer literate, but with all the advances and talented people out there creating wonderful programs, I’ve been lost for a while. Now I can focus on what I really want to do with all these tools around to use.

    • admin_enstituteorg

      Hi Jaci,

      It`s always good to get nice feedbacks like yours.
      I´m really glad i could help you out.


  11. William

    Great list and collection of useful jquery flipbook plugins..All the tutorials you shared is very interesting and inspiring.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • admin_enstituteorg

      Hi William,

      you are welcome!
      Thanks for your positve feedback on my article!


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