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Flipbook – 8 awesome Advantages of Using a digital PDF

Flipbooks are the wave of the future. Okay, not really, but they are becoming more popular and have a slew of benefits that outweigh traditional PDF’s. In fact, the advantages of using a flipbook are so important that by not using them you could be missing out on serious business – viewership, conversion and profits alike! Yumpu brings you all features that you shouldn’t do without. Make a stunning flipbook with Yumpu today!

Rich Features

It’s no secret that people like it when information “pops”. Think about billboards, commercials and colorful magazines; don’t they just grab your attention? Now think of your ordinary PDF – it’s monochrome and dull. Transform your PDF into a page-turning, sound-producing, video-embedded and animation filled event that keeps people on your page longer, allows for incorporated call-to-actions and leads to higher conversions. Multimedia possibilities are endless for your users who have come to expect a certain level of interactivity while surfing the web.

No Flash

Flash is on it’s way out and luckily a flip book don’t require it. Google recently banned flash web ads from auto-playing in the Chrome browser because they are bulky and present security risks. A flip book can create an interactive display of information while using HTML5 and CSS3 which increases website load time, ensures security and allows for cross-browser compatibility – all without losing the captivating ability of flash. There are several services available online for converting PDF’s into HTML5 flipbook.

Multi-Level Zoom

Zoom, navigation and search. It’s true the PDF’s has a zoom feature making small text easier to read. It’s also true that a lot of PDF files have trouble spots and can be frustrating to clearly view captions, maps, small illustrations and figures. A flip book provide multi-level zooming which allows readers to get as up close and personal as they need or want to. Gone are the days of squinting and nose-to-the-screen viewing.

Easy Navigation

When you read a book you simply turn a page, right? It’s a lot easier then trying to scroll from page to page in a PDF hoping that you don’t go too fast or there are large images that mess up your scroll game. With a flip book you can navigate through the information with a click of the mouse, turning pages just like you would in a magazine or book. Plus, there will always be a very functional table of contents that guides you right where you want to be in the document.

Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of Americans only use a mobile device to browse the internet. That is a lot of people. Flipbooks maintain their integrity at any screen size. No more zooming in on a PDF trying to read the fine print, a flip book can be optimized for any browser, any screen, any time.

Easier to Share

Sharing information via social media or email is one of the greatest ways of delivering information nowadays. Flipbooks are easy to share with friends, family and strangers by simply posting a link – no more hefty email attachments. Not only will this make your brand look more professional it helps you be more accessible to a larger swathe of people. You can also embed links within the book to link to your own social media account and email so your audience can stay in touch.

Language Accessibility

While English is a predominate internet language not everyone knows how – or wants to – use it. So what if you have an international audience? Using a flip book eliminates the need for translation or the fear of losing readers due to language barriers. Allow people to choose which language suits them best and then let your book do the talking!

Improved Layout

In behavioral psychology we find that people like simple and attractive websites. Ditching the drab PDF and creating an enticing and clear flip book can contribute greatly to how long people stay on your page, how likely they are to convert and how likely they are to recommend you to someone else. Additionally, unlike PDF’s, flipbooks will maintain their layout from person to person. You don’t have to cross your fingers in hopes the format will stay consistent each time it’s sent.

Uphold Brand Image

Sure, you can put your logo in the header of a PDF or across the bottom of a page to remind people who created the information, but what if you could replicate your brand image and still clearly deliver your message? You can. Custom flip books can be designed to match all of your website and business aesthetics so there is no forgetting about your brand or the quality content you’ve created while customers consume your information.

Flipbook FTW

In the end, we all just want to deliver our message to our audience and we want to do this in the most effective way possible. Yumpu allowes yourself a little creative freedom to reap the benefits of using a flip book and see how quickly you begin to see improvements in your stats. Yumpu, for the win.

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